New everything!

Good afternoon,

It has been a while. I know, I know, I said I was back in the saddle. To my credit, I have played a handful of venues recently, a farmer’s market, a gallery tour and two sidewalk gigs for The Arts Council. But I have been so self conscious about the slight change in my voice, since the Thyroid Cancer diagnosis last August. I was diagnosed with a goiter and a growth. But, since it shrank 50% and grew back 25% of that, we are waiting. My little growth is buddies with my carotid artery, which makes the doctor nervous about operating. so we wait and watch. Every three months I have an ultrasound to see if it has grown any more. We will do this for 3 years (only 2 more to go). If it doesn’t grow anymore, they will let me keep my thyroid, woohoo! Meanwhile, I am doing everything I can to prevent stimulating it’s growth. I am walking more, daily and avoiding the foods that could cause thyroid issues. This is sad because I love Bok Choy, Soy, Spinach and COFFEE! Boo! Anyhoo, that is enough TMI for now. Let’s talk about what else is going on.




I have been asked to play the Alabama Birth Coalition’s annual fundraiser. I am performing for Brad Posey’s “Invisible Fest” Sept. 28th at “Beloved Books” in the Lowe Mill, Huntsville, Alabama. It is showcasing a ton of Alabama musicians in all kinds of different genres. Fun!


I’m performing at the 5th year anniversary of the Independent Chicago singer Songwriter festival, 2014″ Here is the poster from 2013′. I am so excited to be going back to Chicago!

I was booked at next year’s Singer songwriter festival in Chicago, by the lovely Chris Darby. Last year I had the pleasure to record in Chicago with friends of his. they recorded me singing one of his songs for a compilation album of his work, as performed by his fellow musician friends. Sadly this year  I had to turn back from the gig (he booked me in)1/2 way to Chicago due to strep throat. That made me very sad. I am always happy when Chris invites me to play his showcases. But this year is even more awesome, because it is the 5th anniversary. I am so excited to be involved in the festival. I look forward to it. You should definitely check out his music if you have a chance. It is Chris Darby of “Them Damn Kids”.

Finally,  I am starting the process of a new record. This time though, it will be a real live record. Vinyl Records. I am not making cd’s. It is easier for people to download from the interwebs. So it will be available via Bandcamp. I am just now in the planning stages. There are so many, many things to do. Funding, design, recording, postcards, Vinyl pressing companies, deciding where to tour with it, when it comes out. I thought it was important to speak it, type it, say it to the world. So, now I have to do it. There will be more later.