Think Pink!

This post is about my good friend The Impossible girl. She has spent the last five years inspiring and challenging me as a musician while gently holding my feet to the fire. She encourages me to keep it real with a healthy dose of magic. Not magic in the hippie “whoa I get to sleep on this couch for free” way.  But in that life is not all about the rules! I can make up some of my own instead of just heading the Roman way! So, I promised her long ago that if she asked me to meet her anywhere in the universe, I would make it happen. So far I have kept my promise. First a New York to Alabama tour. Then a southeast tour, then Berlin and New Orleans! ow she is asking me to meet her in new Orleans again, again for an Octobre 27th show! I really want to play this show and I adore her and New Orleans! Plus it is the weekend before Halloween and I can wear my new costume! So, she has a kickstarter page to pre-fund the tour in each city she has been asked to play in. If you want to hear her and Helen Keller’s Ukulele in NOLA or you just want to support it, please check it out here on Kickstarter or her webpage The Impossible Girl


Kim Boekbinder Redefines The Rock Tour

Iconoclastic New York musician, Kim Boekbinder, has set the internet abuzz with her passionate rant about the state of the music industry and how she’s decided to circumvent the broken system by using her vibrant social media presence to pre-sell her shows BEFORE they are even booked. Kim’s first test run of the idea was launched on Kickstarter and she got her funding for a show in New York City in under 24 hours. Now she’s doing a 10 date US tour:

Ms. Boekbinder’s “Impossible Tour” idea has been featured on CCN Money, BBC Radio’s World Service, and BoingBoing.  The attention generated from the story has her email inbox flooded with thank you messages from fans, musicians, and venues; as well as offers from internet startups trying to address the very issues that she is dealing with.

Kim Boekbinder is The Impossible Girl; a performer, composer, musician, and visual artist who defies genre. She has travelled the world, stealing hearts and changing paradigms with her indelible live performance and her excitingly original and unforgettable music.

Seeing Red!

RED! I fill m space with it at home, my clothes are led by it. The trellis for my blackberries, my raised beds for blueberries and tomatoes, my car, my fucking mailbox! It’s all red. It is like my Chinese diner,  pop-psychology impetus to call myself to action! It is also a reflection of the frustration I feel creatively. I feel stuck in a hurry up and wait scenario that spins round on itself like that crazy snake eating his own tail. What was it thinking? What am I thinking? When I see my friends from out of town as they travel through to play shows with me or house shows or just to stop in and visit I am reminded that I miss them and traveling and performing. But I also remember how hard it was to earn the money the money I needed to pay bills and take care of children. Because, I do have children and they need me most. So music and art have to fit into the spaces left by them for me. I promised them stability. And I will keep that promise as much as I can. And if having children makes me less of a rockstar then so be it, for now. I will just have to be an older, saggier, wiser, less cute rockstar!In the meantime I am going to search out as much cool stuff and as many great people as i can find in the purgatory that holds me (otherwise known as Alabama). Hide your babies, here I come!

What has been going on in Huntsville? Well, I went to my friend David Reyes’ art opening last night. He is awesome and works at the Museum of Art here. Plus he is an artist. His show was called “Conflict Resolution” and there were several giant toy like installations that are kinetic when in use. Sadly we had to just look at them lastnight. But on the 20th of August he will do a live demonstration that I will film. I am very excited about this. Tanks firing projectiles, Cowboys bursting one another’s balloons and the tortoise and the hare racing in duelling tanks! Great stuff. Here are some snapshots of lastnight. They aren’t the best pics but you get the idea!

            So definitely go see the demos on Aug. 20th. More info at Lowe Mill Arts Center or Huntsville Museum of Art or David Reyes

Also, I had two great shows this past weekend in Huntsville and decatur with Chris Darby from Chicago. we stopped in to visit Excalibur Vintage and Vinyl owned by John Verchot. I took a little look around to share with you and a short hey what’s up with John! Here’s a commercial he made too! He is such a kook! Love that kid! I met him several years ago when I had the “Burning Nun Library” He always had some wild ideas and now he’s gone and done it and become an enterpreneur! Go John!



Getting down in Goshen!

I am in Goshen, Indiana. I was supposed to leave Friday morning and spend Saturday at the County Fair with my father. But this did not happen the way I had planned it. I had to work and nearly missed my oil change. Then Saturday my girls and I discovered a water leak in my outside spigot pipe. Luckily Ben fixed it for me and sent us on our way. We drove a 12 hour drive in Ten hours and made it to my father’s around midnight. We woke up Sunday and eventually headed over to the fair, but it was free admission day and there was just no way to get in. So I called in to work for an extra day. We drove to the Electric Brew where I had played a show back in March and had coffee. I dropped off a ton of Helen Keller’s Stickers. Goshen is a very quiet little Mennonite town with a very large geriatric populatio. So it seemed only right that we go visit my 96 year old aunt. She still reads, drives, lives alone. She is amazing and I want to be like her when I get old. She was a reminder that nothing is permanent and my life can change. So I will worry less about the fact that I have a tie down job right now and cannot tour all of the time. I will tour when I can and spend time writing and recording at home while enjoying my daughters and friend. I realize this is all a very boring rant. But it is what is going on at the moment…

I am often very disgruntled with Dullsville and the lack of good theatre, cafes and conversation. I miss my friends in the rest of the world. Knoxville, New Orleans, New York, Berlin, Chicago.  I miss making music with Sasha! I miss cafe’s in Berlin and Nola that you can have a lovely coffee and people watch undisturbed. I miss anything I cannot have right now.

BUT! I wrote a new song. And that is something! And my friend Michael Arthur from New York put my Shangri-La instrumental song to one of his animations! It’s very nice! So why am I whining?

Oil Changes Everything…

I am sitting in a dealership waiting for the oil change to be completed on my car. I just clocked out of work, I am tired..! I have to drive 12 hours to see my father in Goshen, while I think of all the things I need to pack I am stuck here. They have internet at least. So I can reach out and touch someone. The kid on my right has the remote. This is a nightmare. After spending 15 minutes flipping through channels he has landed on Nickelodeon! he has a perfect blue ring around his mouth from a popsicle and his shoes are on the couch! I am about to get all mother on him!  Oh lucky me, the oil change is done. Just when i was catching up.

Toodles, HKU!

Busy Busy!

Please look at the show queue for this month. I have three shows coming up and they are very exciting. Local independent musicians from Huntsville and decatur area are playing this friday and at the end of the month Chris Darby is coming through on his newest tour. He is not to be missed. Hope to see you there!

Love, HKU

Shiny Red Button!

New Orleans Mardi Gras Dress

I have a shiny new red button that will allow me to keep up with the net. Maybe.

I am planning a tiny tour with Kim Boekbinder “The Impossible Girl” We are playing a couple of gigs in Alabama, Georgia Tennessee and New Orleans!  Staying in Nola for Halloween will be amazing!  I will keep you posted


“Catch Up” more complex than a condiment!

Oh My Goodness! There is sooooo much to say! And soooo much, to show! So now that I have a website I feel obligated to share what has been going on in the last few years of Helen Keller’s Ukulele! I think the easiest way is to keep a blog of current posts interspersed with past happenings. It may be a little confusing for the first few months, but what the heck! Perhaps I will title them “Retro Posts” or just number them “Retro #1, #2, etc…

So now I am here. What to say? What is there to see or hear? Tons! Bear with me while I do my best in navigating a world of living.

Love, HKU


This March I travelled to Chicago. My good friend Chris Darby (folkster from “Them Damn Kids“) was very kind and set up a songwriter showcase at Cafe Mustache for me. Some lovely and haunting and funny songwriters also played before and after. It was packed with people. A great looking crowd, very stylish! The cafe was filled with an eclectic mix of tables chairs and knick knacks. There were mustaches everywhere. Ralph, one of the co-owners was a taciturn doll and super handsome and nice.  I felt that I played the strongest set ever and returned to my table with Chris and Georgi to get lost in the sounds of the ukulele played by Ryan Suzuka. I even lent him a battery mid set, his died! Here are some pics.  I didn’t get enough of the cafe, sorry. But I was able to shoot some on a walk with Chris, coming back from the Ralph Stanley concert he took me to as his guest…

War of the Worlds Art Nouveau Streetlight!

Flower Garden

1,2,3, jump!!!

Beautiful netting dress!

In Chicago they knit sweaters for trees! Hugs don't last apparently!

This is what happened when I ovulated in Chicago!

Hit me!