“Intimate and soulful, Helen Keller’s Ukulele hits you in a place just between your empty space and your heart, guided by the clear sensibilities of Huntsville Artist Rita Burkholder’s intricate melodies. With her songs of heartache, love, and catharsis, Rita channels the fortitude of Helen Keller’s spirit in her latest solo project. Helen Keller’s Ukulele has toured throughout the Southeast, from NYC to NOLA and in Berlin, Germany (twice), gathering crowds around the campfire, in the pubs and cafes uniting them in rapt attention with skillful storytelling. Rita has been a local favorite in Hunstville for several years in various musical incarnations, as well as regularly opening for the likes of Dylan Sneed, Christabel and the Jons, Curtis Eller, Megan Jean and the KFB, The Wiyos, Hurray for the Riff Raff,  Amanda Palmer, Lonesome Leash, Jason Webley and others! She started Helen Keller’s Ukulele seven years ago and is still writing new material for publishing.