Side Projects

I am very excited to say, that the “Alabama Birth Coalition”  has asked me to perform for their annual fundraiser this year. When they called to ask it was revealed that both of my daughters were born at home with the help of Alabama Midwives. It is a perfect match. Plus one of my favorite things to sing about as “Helen Keller’s Ukulele” is babies! I even had a friend once tell me I sang too much about babies in my songs. So this is perfect! I will have more details later, we are negotiating times and breaks and other things. But, I will definitely announce the event when they finish the promotion materials. Meanwhile, here is a link to their site. They sure are busy bees. :)         “Alabama Birth Coalition”


My friend Michael Arthur linked two short animations together with my “Shangri-La” tune. It’s super sweet of him to do and I just love his drawings and animations.  He draws for Joe’s Pub in New York City as well as for Balthrop, Alabama a love band started by my fellow Alabamians and realized through fellow Brooklyners! Enjoy and let him know what you think! Here is the Link  ANIMATION

Love, Helen Keller’s Ukulele





Longtime Chicago Folk Musician/Friend Chris Darby has been more than kind in asking me to join in on his quad split projects! He even set up a beautiful showcase for me at Cafe Mustache in Chicago. He is the Folk King of Chicago, recently gracing the cover of their local rag. So he is definitely a doer! Below is the interview and a song, etc. Feel free to comment!