It has been a long time coming…

Hello.It has been a long while since I have posted. I took most of the year off from music. I really do miss it and hope to record a third album soon. I have been wood shedding a bit. I was also diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and am currently in the process of awaiting a second opinion. So I am pretending I don’t have it until I know for sure.

In the meanwhile, I have a few shows and a tiny tour coming up in January. I am opening for my friend Walt of “Why are we building such a big ship” in Huntsville, Alabama. Then I am driving to Louisville, Kentucky to play a house show with the lovely Heather Summers and Lacy Guthrie. After that I am playing a show in Chicago for “Independent Chicago” folk singer Chris Darby and friends. I will list the show dates and details on the events page and Facebook, if you want to come.

I hope you have a truly Happy New Year! talk to you soon!


Helen Keller’s Ukulele

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