Today was very busy! I had pecan pie for breakfast with coffee from the Kaffeeklatsch I spent the morning cutting the curd (cheese curd) and heating it so I could make cheese. I ended up with 1/2 a pound of smoked paprika and dill spread that I ate on crackers with roasted peppers in sesame oil. Heavenly! I made the cheese and was gifted poblanos and cowhorns by my friend Marion. She has chickens in the city, which makes her even more endearing. After the cheese I sewed on a cowardly lion costume, a pirate jacket and a biblical robe, then started thinking about the afternoon. My friend Marcie dropped in and gave me new tennis shoes. I am giving her cheese for them. we had a lovely talk and shared soup that my housemate made from our Turkey leftovers. He boiled the whole darned thing for hours with celery and added bow tie pasta. Lunch was delicious.

Then a dash to the library to buy my antique books on hold. Next to Guadalupe Lanning Robinson’s studio to pick up coffee mugs to sell at work. She is so kind and amazing and sweet and talented! She is a transplant from Mexico City. Her pottery is incredible and you must stop by and visit. She also has a fabulous cactus collection. Gush! After that I delivered more show flyers for Thursday’s show at the Flying Monkey Theatre for Gallery Tour. Next I met my sister and daughters at Bandito Burrito for dinner. It’s a Huntsville staple and it doesn’t matter how gassy you are after eating there. It’s somehow worth it.  Finally I schlepped the girls over to Enchanted Masquerade to drop off the costumes I had repaired and we went home.

I know this is a boring list of daily stuff we all deal with. Bu it’s where I am right now and I am just going with it. Thanks for reading. Hope you find something you like in the links. It’s nice to keep it local when I can.

Love, HKU


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