Seeing Red!

RED! I fill m space with it at home, my clothes are led by it. The trellis for my blackberries, my raised beds for blueberries and tomatoes, my car, my fucking mailbox! It’s all red. It is like my Chinese diner,  pop-psychology impetus to call myself to action! It is also a reflection of the frustration I feel creatively. I feel stuck in a hurry up and wait scenario that spins round on itself like that crazy snake eating his own tail. What was it thinking? What am I thinking? When I see my friends from out of town as they travel through to play shows with me or house shows or just to stop in and visit I am reminded that I miss them and traveling and performing. But I also remember how hard it was to earn the money the money I needed to pay bills and take care of children. Because, I do have children and they need me most. So music and art have to fit into the spaces left by them for me. I promised them stability. And I will keep that promise as much as I can. And if having children makes me less of a rockstar then so be it, for now. I will just have to be an older, saggier, wiser, less cute rockstar!In the meantime I am going to search out as much cool stuff and as many great people as i can find in the purgatory that holds me (otherwise known as Alabama). Hide your babies, here I come!

What has been going on in Huntsville? Well, I went to my friend David Reyes’ art opening last night. He is awesome and works at the Museum of Art here. Plus he is an artist. His show was called “Conflict Resolution” and there were several giant toy like installations that are kinetic when in use. Sadly we had to just look at them lastnight. But on the 20th of August he will do a live demonstration that I will film. I am very excited about this. Tanks firing projectiles, Cowboys bursting one another’s balloons and the tortoise and the hare racing in duelling tanks! Great stuff. Here are some snapshots of lastnight. They aren’t the best pics but you get the idea!

            So definitely go see the demos on Aug. 20th. More info at Lowe Mill Arts Center or Huntsville Museum of Art or David Reyes

Also, I had two great shows this past weekend in Huntsville and decatur with Chris Darby from Chicago. we stopped in to visit Excalibur Vintage and Vinyl owned by John Verchot. I took a little look around to share with you and a short hey what’s up with John! Here’s a commercial he made too! He is such a kook! Love that kid! I met him several years ago when I had the “Burning Nun Library” He always had some wild ideas and now he’s gone and done it and become an enterpreneur! Go John!



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