Getting down in Goshen!

I am in Goshen, Indiana. I was supposed to leave Friday morning and spend Saturday at the County Fair with my father. But this did not happen the way I had planned it. I had to work and nearly missed my oil change. Then Saturday my girls and I discovered a water leak in my outside spigot pipe. Luckily Ben fixed it for me and sent us on our way. We drove a 12 hour drive in Ten hours and made it to my father’s around midnight. We woke up Sunday and eventually headed over to the fair, but it was free admission day and there was just no way to get in. So I called in to work for an extra day. We drove to the Electric Brew where I had played a show back in March and had coffee. I dropped off a ton of Helen Keller’s Stickers. Goshen is a very quiet little Mennonite town with a very large geriatric populatio. So it seemed only right that we go visit my 96 year old aunt. She still reads, drives, lives alone. She is amazing and I want to be like her when I get old. She was a reminder that nothing is permanent and my life can change. So I will worry less about the fact that I have a tie down job right now and cannot tour all of the time. I will tour when I can and spend time writing and recording at home while enjoying my daughters and friend. I realize this is all a very boring rant. But it is what is going on at the moment…

I am often very disgruntled with Dullsville and the lack of good theatre, cafes and conversation. I miss my friends in the rest of the world. Knoxville, New Orleans, New York, Berlin, Chicago.  I miss making music with Sasha! I miss cafe’s in Berlin and Nola that you can have a lovely coffee and people watch undisturbed. I miss anything I cannot have right now.

BUT! I wrote a new song. And that is something! And my friend Michael Arthur from New York put my Shangri-La instrumental song to one of his animations! It’s very nice! So why am I whining?

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