“Catch Up” more complex than a condiment!

Oh My Goodness! There is sooooo much to say! And soooo much, to show! So now that I have a website I feel obligated to share what has been going on in the last few years of Helen Keller’s Ukulele! I think the easiest way is to keep a blog of current posts interspersed with past happenings. It may be a little confusing for the first few months, but what the heck! Perhaps I will title them “Retro Posts” or just number them “Retro #1, #2, etc…

So now I am here. What to say? What is there to see or hear? Tons! Bear with me while I do my best in navigating a world of living.

Love, HKU


This March I travelled to Chicago. My good friend Chris Darby (folkster from “Them Damn Kids“) was very kind and set up a songwriter showcase at Cafe Mustache for me. Some lovely and haunting and funny songwriters also played before and after. It was packed with people. A great looking crowd, very stylish! The cafe was filled with an eclectic mix of tables chairs and knick knacks. There were mustaches everywhere. Ralph, one of the co-owners was a taciturn doll and super handsome and nice.  I felt that I played the strongest set ever and returned to my table with Chris and Georgi to get lost in the sounds of the ukulele played by Ryan Suzuka. I even lent him a battery mid set, his died! Here are some pics.  I didn’t get enough of the cafe, sorry. But I was able to shoot some on a walk with Chris, coming back from the Ralph Stanley concert he took me to as his guest…

War of the Worlds Art Nouveau Streetlight!

Flower Garden

1,2,3, jump!!!

Beautiful netting dress!

In Chicago they knit sweaters for trees! Hugs don't last apparently!

This is what happened when I ovulated in Chicago!

Hit me!

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