InvisibleFest this Saturday!

Hello. I wanted to remind everyone of the Invisible Fest this Saturday at the Lowe Mill Arts Centre. Actually, I will be playing in the Beloved Bookstore, which is wrapped inside of the Flying Monkey arts Centre, which is wrapped inside of the Lowe Mill Arts Centre at 2211 Seminole Drive in Huntsville. I am lucky to be the sweet creamy filling at the centre of of it for 1/2 an hour, starting at 5:30. Please be early or on time as it is a short set for ALL of the bands and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Brad Posey of “Invisible City” on NPR every Friday is the founder of the festival and you can read more about him here. NEWS ARTICLE


NPR Interview

Just a quick note, that my music will be on WLRH Monday morning at 9 a.m. with Beth Norwood and Brad Posey. I also have a quick little interview with him on Friday of next week, to promote his Invisible Fest(ival). I was answering questions on little sleep and waaay too much coffee. Hope I didn’t make it too awkward. Oh well, awkward is the new black isn’t it? Folk & Roll!

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New everything!

Good afternoon,

It has been a while. I know, I know, I said I was back in the saddle. To my credit, I have played a handful of venues recently, a farmer’s market, a gallery tour and two sidewalk gigs for The Arts Council. But I have been so self conscious about the slight change in my voice, since the Thyroid Cancer diagnosis last August. I was diagnosed with a goiter and a growth. But, since it shrank 50% and grew back 25% of that, we are waiting. My little growth is buddies with my carotid artery, which makes the doctor nervous about operating. so we wait and watch. Every three months I have an ultrasound to see if it has grown any more. We will do this for 3 years (only 2 more to go). If it doesn’t grow anymore, they will let me keep my thyroid, woohoo! Meanwhile, I am doing everything I can to prevent stimulating it’s growth. I am walking more, daily and avoiding the foods that could cause thyroid issues. This is sad because I love Bok Choy, Soy, Spinach and COFFEE! Boo! Anyhoo, that is enough TMI for now. Let’s talk about what else is going on.




I have been asked to play the Alabama Birth Coalition’s annual fundraiser. I am performing for Brad Posey’s “Invisible Fest” Sept. 28th at “Beloved Books” in the Lowe Mill, Huntsville, Alabama. It is showcasing a ton of Alabama musicians in all kinds of different genres. Fun!


I’m performing at the 5th year anniversary of the Independent Chicago singer Songwriter festival, 2014″ Here is the poster from 2013′. I am so excited to be going back to Chicago!

I was booked at next year’s Singer songwriter festival in Chicago, by the lovely Chris Darby. Last year I had the pleasure to record in Chicago with friends of his. they recorded me singing one of his songs for a compilation album of his work, as performed by his fellow musician friends. Sadly this year  I had to turn back from the gig (he booked me in)1/2 way to Chicago due to strep throat. That made me very sad. I am always happy when Chris invites me to play his showcases. But this year is even more awesome, because it is the 5th anniversary. I am so excited to be involved in the festival. I look forward to it. You should definitely check out his music if you have a chance. It is Chris Darby of “Them Damn Kids”.

Finally,  I am starting the process of a new record. This time though, it will be a real live record. Vinyl Records. I am not making cd’s. It is easier for people to download from the interwebs. So it will be available via Bandcamp. I am just now in the planning stages. There are so many, many things to do. Funding, design, recording, postcards, Vinyl pressing companies, deciding where to tour with it, when it comes out. I thought it was important to speak it, type it, say it to the world. So, now I have to do it. There will be more later.


Long Hiatus and a recommendation!

Just a note of reminder that Helen Keller’s Ukulele has been on hiatus for most of 2012. I had a thyroid cancer diagnosis that was/is affecting my voice somewhat, so I decided to really slow down and take care of my voice among other things. That means shows have been far and few in between. However, the good news is I will be able to record a new album very soon. I wanted to thank everyone who listens to and shares my music. You have been wonderful and I am thankful for you.

In other news, my friend Melissa Fowler just started her own indie label called “Pebble Music”  in Berlin, Germany. You should check it out!

I am back in the saddle! Here is the proof!




It has been a long time coming…

Hello.It has been a long while since I have posted. I took most of the year off from music. I really do miss it and hope to record a third album soon. I have been wood shedding a bit. I was also diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and am currently in the process of awaiting a second opinion. So I am pretending I don’t have it until I know for sure.

In the meanwhile, I have a few shows and a tiny tour coming up in January. I am opening for my friend Walt of “Why are we building such a big ship” in Huntsville, Alabama. Then I am driving to Louisville, Kentucky to play a house show with the lovely Heather Summers and Lacy Guthrie. After that I am playing a show in Chicago for “Independent Chicago” folk singer Chris Darby and friends. I will list the show dates and details on the events page and Facebook, if you want to come.

I hope you have a truly Happy New Year! talk to you soon!


Helen Keller’s Ukulele

Another day another holler!

Good morning,

I am drinking the most incredible cup of coffee. Tanzanian Peaberry. This is the rare day I have off and of course there is an endless list of things to accomplish. However one of the things I have found recently is this Old Soul Print Shop. He has really amazing art. I love his bearded men.

I am also playing a show on March 14th at the Flying Monkey Arts Centre in the Squeaking tribe puppet theatre. Jaeme Case and Martin Schneider are also playing. Great musicians. I hope you can make it.

Gotta run,

Sincerely, Rita


Today was very busy! I had pecan pie for breakfast with coffee from the Kaffeeklatsch I spent the morning cutting the curd (cheese curd) and heating it so I could make cheese. I ended up with 1/2 a pound of smoked paprika and dill spread that I ate on crackers with roasted peppers in sesame oil. Heavenly! I made the cheese and was gifted poblanos and cowhorns by my friend Marion. She has chickens in the city, which makes her even more endearing. After the cheese I sewed on a cowardly lion costume, a pirate jacket and a biblical robe, then started thinking about the afternoon. My friend Marcie dropped in and gave me new tennis shoes. I am giving her cheese for them. we had a lovely talk and shared soup that my housemate made from our Turkey leftovers. He boiled the whole darned thing for hours with celery and added bow tie pasta. Lunch was delicious.

Then a dash to the library to buy my antique books on hold. Next to Guadalupe Lanning Robinson’s studio to pick up coffee mugs to sell at work. She is so kind and amazing and sweet and talented! She is a transplant from Mexico City. Her pottery is incredible and you must stop by and visit. She also has a fabulous cactus collection. Gush! After that I delivered more show flyers for Thursday’s show at the Flying Monkey Theatre for Gallery Tour. Next I met my sister and daughters at Bandito Burrito for dinner. It’s a Huntsville staple and it doesn’t matter how gassy you are after eating there. It’s somehow worth it.  Finally I schlepped the girls over to Enchanted Masquerade to drop off the costumes I had repaired and we went home.

I know this is a boring list of daily stuff we all deal with. Bu it’s where I am right now and I am just going with it. Thanks for reading. Hope you find something you like in the links. It’s nice to keep it local when I can.

Love, HKU